Today the education ecosystem is under a lot of criticism. Much of the criticism rises from the lack of personalization, the one size fits all mentality. These create barriers to interactivity.  So, why is personalized and interactive education important?

Personalized learning is focusing on the process of learning. This allows each individual to be able to learn at their own speed. In addition, people learn in different ways. They can be auditory learners or visual learners or they might learn better if they try it out themselves with some guidance to steer them in the right direction. This means individuals need interactive methods to learn on their own terms. Which is why everyone is focused on maximizing the personal benefit to each individual. However, with traditional methods this is almost unfeasible and it is expensive. Then through the innovation of technology and internet of things the answer became mobile education (mEducation). This is why you see colleges focusing on online programs. This why you see a shift towards smaller class sizes.

However, when it comes to applying the same approach to the age group that matters the most, we have lost sight of what actually matters. Children, aged 0-6, create more neural connections than any other age group, which makes education at this age group incredibly important. In addition, Harvard studies show that parental involvement at this age is a critical factor in learning. Parental involvement and parent engagement is the interactive part of the education for this age group. Today a lot of the organizations that serve this age group provide great educational content; but fall short in providing the necessary resources for parental involvement. As a mobile education platform we took that to heart and made sure to provide our parents with high quality content and instruction based activities to aid in parental involvement.

The technological innovation of the mobile phone now helps us provide personal and interactive education. So, when you are thinking of using a mobile education resource make sure it checks both boxes!