Words can be a very powerful tool for a parent. Once we have done our job to teach our children what circumstance or event the word relates to; our children are able to use them as labels, use them as information, and create mental schema.

This being the case, what words would be most beneficial for a parent to teach? Here are  words for parents which will make their life easier.

1) Healthy
Kids ask for sugary snacks all the time, this is a word they need a handle on. Kids should be able to differentiate between what is healthy and what is not from an early age so they can make the right decisions later on. This will also help when you have to say no to an unhealthy snack. Your children will be able to understand the
why behind it. Explain to them the difference between what healthy and unhealthy is.

2) Privacy
Children need to understand personal boundaries. This will help them and help you tremendously. You can use one of their personal moments as an example. If they get shy going to the bathroom with you in there, you can tell them that it is okay and that they can ask for their privacy. Later, when you are in a situation where you need alone time, you can ask for your privacy and they will better understand why.

3) Private Parts

It is never too early for this conversation. Though your toddler might not be able to understand exactly why, they will still be able to differentiate between right and wrong. Teach them what is a personal and private area on their body.. This will also help them better communicate their anatomy.

4) Rest
As parents, we all need some time off from our kids. This word relates to their behavior so the earlier you can teach this word the easier it will be when they hit their high-energy years. Point out the times you just want a bit of a downtime to them. Help them understand what rest means for you. This way you will be able to calm things down in the future just by asking for it. Setting a daily routine in their life will make the environment more conducive for your efforts.

5) Room Time
Being alone can be a scary thing for your children. Teaching them that their room can be good and safe is critical. This will help them become more independent as they grow. It is best to start this at an early age as this is also behavioral. Create fun activities for your child to play solo in his or her room. Make the time of solitude short at first and gradually build upon it.

With these 5 terms you can start building on the correct manners that you would want your children to have and the right behaviors you would want them to show.

Source: BabyCenter