Tembo visited Tampa Prep to talk to Global Studies students about social enterprises and how doing good better is shaping the future.

Here is Brooke Bandoni's blog post about their take on who Tembo is and what it does.

As part of the Global Studies concentration, students have the opportunity to meet with people making a difference in the world. A few weeks ago Tembo Chief Marketing Officer Sercan and Tembo Chief Education Officer Samantha met with Global Studies students to tell them their business and how they are making a difference in the Nigerian slums.

Tembo Brings Education to Nigerian Slums Using SMS Services.

Tembo is a social enterprise, started here in Tampa, which trains home educators to help parents of children in the slums receive a better fundamental early childhood education. The company was able to partner with major telecommunication companies to enable families to pay for their Tembo services with airtime, or digital currency, which they can acquire from paying for minutes on their feature or smart phones. Tembo trains home educators to visit homes and teach parents how to complete lessons for their children, focusing on fundamental basics that will help them succeed once they enter a school. The lessons are delivered to the home educator and the parent via text message. Parents are incentivized with rewards for completing activities with airtime.

Tembo is a new company, but the company was the runner-up for the prestigious Hult prize. Before implementing their program, they spent three months in a Nigerian slum before implementing their program to be sure that their idea will work and be effective. After learning more about this business and plan to bring education to the poorest families in Nigeria, I believe that this program will be extremely beneficial for children in slums and enable them to have successful futures.