Clinton Global Initiative Partner


We focus on win-win scenarios and create incentives for long-lasting, impactful relationships.  

We provide:

- Parents the tools to shape their child's future and escape the cycle of poverty.

- Partners an opportunity to decrease churn rates and increase market share.

- Schools the chance to raise their students' performance through increased parent engagement.


- Tembo not only educates children, but also creates job opportunities. We generate return while creating sustainable social impact. 

- IBM calls us "the Uber of Education" because we paired home educators with parents, just like Uber pairs drivers with passengers. 

- In his TED Talk, Bill Gross (founder of IdeaLab), identified the number one success factor for a company: timing. Tembo is right on time, because McKinsey reported that "mobile education is going to be a $70B market by 2020 and $38B revenue generator for telecoms."

Invest in Education

Make a Difference in Africa


- Whether you are a volunteer/intern helping us on the ground with our operations or wanting to work from a remote location, you can always take part as a Tembo change-maker!

- If you are interested in becoming a Tembo Changemaker, sign-up below!

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