Teaching in Africa


- Tembo's high-quality curriculum is derived from evidence-based activities developed through research by Harvard Center for Developing Child, PBS, LEGO Foundation, and Pearson

- Our curriculum covers all 4 domains of learning (Cognitive, Motor, Language, & Social/Emotional).

- "Early interactions with parents...will deeply affect a child’s development & level of education they achieve." 86-98% of a child's vocabulary is derived directly from their parents, not their teachers. Hence, why we educate parents to educate their children.
 - IXL CenterUniversity of Kansas


- “Six of the world’s seven billion people have mobile phones – but only 4.5 billion have a toilet, according to a UN report.” - Forbes Hence, why we use mobile phones, rather than a brick-and-mortar solution to reach the population we serve.

- We use the world’s most common way to communicate, SMS text messaging. Over 89% of the world uses SMS texts, making our education accessible to any child in the world regardless of where they reside. - GSMA

- 89% of 4,000+ surveyed, stated reading on a mobile phone was more convenient, more affordable, and preferred it over paper books. UNESCO

SMS Text Education

Parents Teaching Children


- By using telecommunication providers' existing distribution channels, we reduce distribution costs, which reduces our prices, making it more affordable for the parents.

- By using airtime (minutes & texts) as currency, we were able to deliver the education, collect payment from parents, and pay our home educators a salary. Our innovative model incentivizes parents by rewarding them for educating their child.