"When we started the activities I discovered that my child’s interest in learning increases, by the time we proceed day to day activities, my son always initiates the process asking me if we are learning today."


"I learned to be patient because the curriculum teaches parents to not intimidate the child."


"I discovered that Tembo brings me closer to my son and develop his appetite for learning such that he wants to listen to what I say or do and of what I want him to do."


"It changes our mindset in the way we train and relate with our children."


"With Tembo, we are so happy because my child asks mommy to do the day’s activity before I even bring it up."

"My son and I even have a favorite activity now. He loves it so much that he went to school and taught his fellow students and teachers his favorite activity."


"One time, my son even suggested to me that he wants to be the teacher in the activity. Saying, ‘mommy let's march, let's march."


"Being a busy mother, Tembo helps make me a better and more engaging mother. I even learn myself."


"My son exclaims, ‘Mommy let's start, mommy help me read!’ Even at night when I hide a book from him, he's always restless to want to read with me."


"Now, my son plays well and communicates better than he ever has before. Thank you so much!"


"Tembo builds the bond between mother and child."


"I tried to employ home tutors for my child because I didn't know how to teach, but Tembo has helped me to become a teacher myself and thank you a lot for helping me achieve that."


"Thanks to Tembo, I’ve learned things about my son that I never knew. It enables me to better understand my son. My son is also more observant and aware of the surrounding space, as well as his body. I really thank you!"


"I really appreciate Tembo because it brought a bond between my daughter and I to learn everyday. It was so simple for her to get involved in the activities we do together. Thank you!"


"My daughter enjoys learning now, more than ever before. With Tembo, my daughter always wants to learn. After every day’s activity, she goes to school and teaches her friends."


"My daughter has become a curious learner. She’s asking more questions than ever before."


"It enables me to spend quality time with my child, instead of handing over a smartphone or tablet."


"Tembo has not only helped my child, but my entire family. It’s brought us all closer together. Tembo makes the activities fun to bring us together."


"Even when we are not home, my son is always asking me to read a book to him now."


"I normally don’t have the patience to teach my child, but with Tembo it has helped me learn to be more patient with my child."


"With Tembo, I’ve realized mothers truly are your child’s first, and most important teacher."


"Tembo taught me to be a better reader to my child. It taught me to be more engaged and in tune with my child’s reactions."


"I’m not always able to help my child with his homework or assignments, because he doesn’t always trust me. However, with Tembo, I’ve built my confidence and my son now says, ‘My mommy is a great teacher!’ It feels good that he now trusts me."